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A large percentage of well-known wineries along the west coast don’t actually own their own vineyards. Like us, they source grapes, grape juice, and wine juice in various stages of fermentation, then cellar, sometimes blend, and bottle them at their winery. Likewise a growing number of west coast wine grape farmers have chosen not to make their own wine, but instead specialize in growing the best grapes in their region. These diverse paths, in our opinion, continue to improve west coast wines every year!

We purchase, premium, high end wine juices that can also be found in many popular higher priced reserve bottles of wine on the market today. The difference is most west coast grapes and juices only need to travel a minimum of 11 miles to reach their new home winery, whereas ours travel 1,100 miles in climate controlled trucks across the Rocky Mountains to Laramie, Wyoming.

Wyoming’s unpredictable climate has created many challenges for the few grape growers in Wyoming and we certainly tip our hats to their progress and perseverance over the years! At 1890 Wines and Spirits we are proud of our American Grown ~ Wyoming Cellared wines! We are grateful to the west coast grape growers and wine makers who help us select varietals for our fun and unique 307 Wines which keep our customers returning for more than just one bottle.

We are proud to pioneer Wyoming and western heritage across the country! What also sets us apart from the other Wyoming wineries and most wineries in general is that you won’t find “1890 Wines & Spirits” on the front of any of our wine labels. Our labels and wines are not about us, but rather, are about promoting Wyoming western heritage and the people and businesses in the state which make Wyoming so great!

Our 307 Red and White Blend wines include regionalized labels for different regions of the state, including Devils Tower, the Tetons, Flaming Gorge, and the Gateways to Yellowstone. These labels represent our part in promoting travel and tourism and our western heritage starting in Wyoming. Visitors to our great state want to take home “Wyoming Made” products that reflect the spirit of our western heritage and we feel our wines do just that! Likewise we feel we have created quality wines Wyoming residents can take pride in to enjoy at their leisure and that they can also give as memorable gifts to friends and family.

We also celebrate the people in Wyoming that have given Wyoming recognition including world renowned horse trainer, Buck Brannaman, world renowned author of the modern western book series and inspiration for the syndicated television show “Longmire,” Craig Johnson, and world champion bare back rider and beloved Nashville country music superstar Chris LeDoux. All of these individuals, we would like to add, are or were working Wyoming ranchers!

As we continue to grow, 1890 Wines and Spirits envisions promoting the spirit of western heritage, not just in Wyoming, but all over the nation with some of our up and coming labels, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy our fun, unique wines and that they give you a true feel of our beloved Wyoming:
“Where the pavement ends and the West begins!”
– President George H. W. Bush;
Quoted from his remarks at the Frontier Days and State Centennial Parade in Cheyenne, Wyoming – July 20, 1990

(Source: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: George Bush 1990)

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